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Alpha Outpost Zulu Zulu Box

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 22, 2017
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This time we're doing the unboxing of the Zulu Zulu box. There was so much cool stuff packed into this "box" that it actually didn't fit into the box. It came in a big-ass bag instead. This package is literally bursting at the seams with awesome stuff.

Zulu Zulu Box

The first thing that you'll pull out of the Zulu Zulu box (metaphorical box of course) as always is the comic! Each magazine comes with a story behind the box along with some helpful tips on how to get the most out of the gear you get in each box. Something you may have noticed in the magazine as well, that there is a monthly challenge in each of our magazines. Try it out to challenge yourself and maybe have a little competition with your friends as well. The first piece of gear we'll go over is the mosquito netting. Nobody thinks about mosquitos until they arrive on the scene and there is a swarm of those literal bloodthirsty little buggers. If we had a nickel for every mosquito we've killed, we'd buy our own island where there are no mosquitos (does that exist).

Zulu Zulu Box

Next up is a sleeping bag with a rating for temperatures down to thirty degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for summertime so you won't get cold, but you won't get those icky nighttime sweats either. No worries if you're tall either, it has plenty of room for you. If the mosquitos are in rare form biting the crud out of you, just drape the mosquito netting that you got as well and you'll be all set. Last but not least is the savior of many grunts in the field, the all-purpose durable poncho! This thing can handle it all!

zulu zulu box

Needless to say, the Zulu Zulu box (bag) is filled with stuff to keep you comfortable while you catch Z's (get it now?). Check out more boxes from Alpha Outpost here!

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