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Sith Cocktail at Alpha Outpost

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 21, 2017
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Star Wars is making a resurgence. To highlight that, the Alpha Outpost cocktail masters have put together the Revenge of the Sith cocktail for your enjoyment. This'll be a doozy.Revenge of the Sith Cocktail

revenge of the sith

So we're gonna get you started on your path to the dark side, by training you in the light. One shot of light rum over ice. Tastes cold like Hoth and like your cold heart.Then you get a little aggressive and throw down a shot of whiskey to start down the dark side.Finish your training in the dark arts with two shots of bourbon.Top it all off with either Coca-Cola or Pepsi and you've finished your induction to the dark side of the force.

revenge of the sith

Sit back relax and enjoy as the rebels fall all around you. Check out more drink mixes and survival tips from Alpha Outpost here.

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