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Mastering Bar Etiquette at Alpha Outpost

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Gear + Kits
December 27, 2017
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Bar etiquette, something we should all practice, but as soon as we get a few drinks in us, we forget any semblance of it. Hell, if you're reading this, you're probably not even one of the people we have to tell this to.

bar etiquette

First thing is first ok, know what you want to get. It's not hard, you should know that night if you're planning on getting totally housed, or if you're just going to enjoy a beer or two after work. When you walk up to the bartender, realize he's busy, he's got a lot of people clamoring for his attention and they're all paying customers too. Know what you want. If it's a new place and you're not sure if they have your favorite beer on tap, have a secondary lined up that you've spotted out of the corner of your eye. If all else fails, just ask the bartender to make you a drink. They want you to have a good time, they get tipped more if you have a good time.

bar etiquette

Next up, no PDA. We've probably all been a little guilty of this one a time or two. You're with someone or you've managed to pick up someone way out of your league, you want to show off. Who wouldn't? We understand, but don't do the horizontal tango on the bar. Next up, hold your money at chest to eye-level instead of shaking it around like a total goober. Guys, for the love of all that is manly and holy, stop asking for birthday shots. It's embarrassing man.

bar etiquette

Our friendly bartender has several more tips for you if you don' want the bartender to ignore you or treat you like a total tool. Even the most basic level of bar etiquette will keep you from looking like a jackass.

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