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Alpha Outpost Box Review: Gentleman

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November 30, 2016
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Hey, I'm Kenny Harkess, US Army Veteran, 8 years military service, avid whiskey lover and lover of the outdoors and being a man. I don't drink whiskey with mixers, just straight like it was supposed to be drank.Subscription: Alpha OutpostThe Cost: $39.95/mo + $6.95 shipping

My Box: "The Gentleman"


Box came in with some significant weight to it, hopefully meaning it was packed with goodies to make my money worth it on this box.


Ah, the gentleman, just the thing my wife has been nagging me to be. Now my hopes are up, maybe I can utilize the items in this box to be able to sleep in my own bed and not on the couch anymore.



This packing list is longer than the list of items I take on a weekend vacation. Paying $40 for this box and more than doubling my money, I'm already satisfied with my decision.


This rules list is now my Bible and goes with me everywhere. A great start to this box, it's already paying off.


Not only does it give me the rules I need to start my journey on being a Gentleman, I now can drink like one. Some basic gentleman drinks, which will definitely be a go to now when I'm wondering what to make with all my liquor at home.



I admit, I'm a cheap coffee drinker, usually a gas station cheap coffee or a quick Keurig cheap coffee at home. Luckily I kept that old coffee maker to enjoy this high-speed coffee on a weekend when I have the time to make a pot.

Power Bank


There is no worse feeling than to have your phone die when you are out on the town or need it the most. Luckily with this power bank, that won't happen and its quite thin making it easily carried in my bag or pocket.

Black Tie


Can you ever have more than enough black ties? Personally, I don't end up going to events that require a black tie, but if I ever get lucky enough to be invited, I'll be ready with this.

Whiskey Stones


There is nothing worse than seeing whiskey being watered down by ice (well maybe those late night adoption commercials with all the puppy eyes). The first time I used them, they chilled my Whiskey to the proper temperature without watering it down. Fits the job, and does it well.

Credit Card Knife


Carrying around my old Gerber may be acceptable in some jeans, but when business comes it doesn't jive well. This now allows me to carry something besides that old pocket knife I got back when I was 10 when I put on a suit.

Metal Comb


Plastic combs may be cheap and easily replaceable, but having a manly mane and beard, the plastic causes static and a whole lot of other problems. No more broken teeth, no more static, just a nice run through the hair with this thing.

Field Notes and Tactical Pen


Know the issue you have when you think of the next best gadget or business idea or you have to write down someone's lunch order but can't find a pen and paper? This is the end all be all solution. Great sized pocket book and pen to fix that solution all the while, looking like a gentleman with the high-class black book.

Whiskey Glasses


Now we are talking! Drinking whiskey out of anything besides a whiskey glass with stones just screams "I'm still in college". Real men drink their whiskey straight with some high-quality stones out of a proper glass. In case I have a friend join me, I was blessed with a second glass in this box.



There is no better way to transport your high-quality Whiskey to the movies, game, or to the in-laws than a flask. There isn't anything truly special about any flask, it just needs to do the job. This one does, and a plus is it looks pretty cool, so this accomplishes both. Definitely will be in the packing list to go to the in-laws during the holidays.


Considering the box was $40, and valued at $99, I definitely got that and more out of this. Now, there will be items that are everyday uses such as the comb, whiskey glasses, whiskey stones, and probably the power bank but the other items seem like things that will be used on an as-needed basis. They will sit on a shelf or in a drawer until I find the use or the need arises. That being said, the daily use items are well worth it and will be a great addition to the bar. This box overall is not only doubling my money spent but also guiding me on the way to be the proper gentleman.

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