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Alpha Outpost Hermes Box

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 22, 2017
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We're kind of diggin' these Greek god themed boxes. The Hermes box, named after the messenger god with winged shoes and amazing speed, won't give you winged shoes, but it will give you some pretty good gear for your on the go lifestyle.

Hermes box

As always the comic has some great tips for maximizing your Hermes box, including the comic, articles, challenges and a great packing list for your everyday carry whether you carry a bang bang or a stab stab. Next up is the Grunt Style saddlebag. These things are super nice and super durable, perfect for taking abuse wherever you go. We put it through the ringer as far as "normal" wear and tear and it held up better than expected (we let the infantry guys test it out, surprisingly it was not in pieces). It has plenty of room for everything you need. You can hold a knife, some pens, a 15-inch laptop and book on the inside, with a hidden compartment on the body side so that you can hide your bang bang in an easy to reach, convenient place.

Hermes box

Included with the bag is a durable paracord key chain perfect for everyday use or, in a pinch the paracord can be used in a survival situation. In addition, the new updated PVC patches are included with this Hermes bag. These patches are much more durable than the patches from before. The final touch on the saddlebag is the strap that will keep your bag secure on one of those rolling luggage handles. You just slip it over the handle and you don't have to worry one bit about your bag sliding all over the place as you hustle and bustle around.

Hermes box

If you liked this bag and some of the other boxes Alpha Outpost has put out check out all the past boxes at Alpha Outpost or you can see the unboxings here!

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