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Alpha Outpost Kraken Box

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 26, 2017
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Every time we dissect these boxes, we're impressed. The Kraken Box is no different. Just when you think Alpha Outpost has reached their limit, they throw a line and pull from the depths another box with incredible gear at a great price.

Kraken Box

As with all Alpha Outpost boxes, you have your magazine. Included in the magazine is, of course, a comic and several "how-to" pieces. All of the boxes are great, but what makes the Kraken box so special is that upon opening it up, you have literally everything you need to start fishing right then and there. Lures? You have them. Hooks, sinkers and line, all in the box. Rod and reel also included in the box. Are you going to go deep sea fishing with this rod and reel, probably not but, if you're in a pinch, this gear will catch you some small fish to keep you going. Or you can use it as a starter set for the miniature version of you and your spouse.

Kraken box

Often overlooked when we talk about fishing is how the sun reflects off the water and can cause painful sunburns. Is it a minor inconvenience and should we man up? Yes, but remember how miserable you were the last time you had a sunburn? It wasn't fun, case in point we included some sun protection in the form of an Alpha Outpost Kraken box buff to protect your neck and face from any harmful sun damage. See, those Alpha Outpost guys are always looking out for all of us. After that is a various assortment of hooks, sinkers, lures, bait and obviously the rod and reel.

Kraken Box

If you're looking to give Alpha Outpost a try and you want one of the better boxes they've put out, try out the Kraken. It's got everything you need to get a fish hooked within ten minutes.

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