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Alpha Outpost Sol Box

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 28, 2017
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Harness the power of the sun with the Sol box from Alpha Outpost. If you look at everything the sun drives, the all-powerful engine that drives our world. Sol, our star, is not unique per say, there are millions like it across the vast unexplored universe, but it is our star. The Sol box makes the most out of our solar energy.

Sol box

The sun can be a force for good or an unforgiving source of destruction. Our skin is most often the victim of our sun's wrath. That wrath has extremely long-lasting effects that can affect our long-term health. Luckily our magazine has some helpful advice for minimizing your risk when your sun exposure is high. The next two items are amazing. You'll never be left out in the dark when you have these rechargeable camping lanterns. Recharged through solar panels on the top, these camping lanterns can be used as a flashlight in addition to the lantern configuration. Instead of only getting one of these great pieces of equipment Alpha Outpost decided to treat you guys and give you two!

sol box

Next up is a hand crank flashlight/weather radio combo. The thing about camping or surviving is that you don't have room to pack extra batteries, so these solar and crank powered tools ensure that you'll always have light and always have some communication to the outside world. Last up is the Sol disk. It's basically a giant magnifying glass that you can use to start fires. As you see in the video, the disk is quite powerful, burning through eight layers of paper in rather short order.

sol box

The Sol box is far and away one of the coolest boxes we've seen from these guys yet. We keep telling you all how great such and such box is and how it breaks the mold, then the next month, boom, they break it again with another awesome box.

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