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Red Flag Law Controversy

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November 14, 2019
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Man, let us tell you this. Gun grabbers are literally the worst. They will literally stop at nothing to ensure that Red Flag Laws are painted in a good light rather than the treasonous violation of our rights that they are. For our latest Red Flag Law gaff, we go to Princeton, New Jersey. We gotta hand it to the gun grabbers this was a clever move, almost outflanked us...almost.A New Jersey man had all of his guns seized this past Friday, November 8th, 2019 under the Red Flag Law. The man was clearly dangerous and definitely meant to do harm. He'd made several terroristic threats, naming places he intended to shoot up and whatnot. Here are a few of his quotes.

"Drunk bout to shoot outside,""I'm a put you on your back with this AR Boom!!" “Walmart count ya days tonight. If anybody got sumn slick to sa, say it to me now. I’m about to shut the whole Nottingham Walmart down wassup!"

Dude names places and talks about how he's under the influence of alcohol and gonna shoot a bunch of shit. Those are the dude's direct quotes. At this point, most people would be like;

"Ah hell, yeah Red Flag Laws worked here and saved lives."

But what they don't realize, is he could have just merely been arrested for making terroristic threats. That's a crime. A crime he can be tried for with due process, and when found guilty, due to the quotes, that's a felony. But he'd have gone through due process.We have a justice system for a reason. This seizure under the guise of the Red Flag laws, when there were clearly other more serious laws broken, that he could have been arrested and tried for is nothing more than an attempt to justify and glorify Red Flag Laws. It's propping up a weak principled law to get the masses to say;

"Gee look at how Red Flag laws saved lives!"

When in reality it should have been like...treated like aggravated assault under New Jersey Statute: 2C:12-1b, Recklessly display extreme indifference to human life.But instead of treating it like either of those (terroristic threat, aggravated assault), the powers that be wanted to prop those good old Red Flag laws up on a pedestal as this noble act to safeguard us, mere peasants. It was a slick move to try and justify Red Flag laws, but ultimately we see through the thinly veiled "ol switcheroo" they tried to pull.

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