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B.P. McCoy and Modern Leadership

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April 4, 2018
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As a leader, as a man, it is not easy to go down in the annals of Marine Corps lore and history. We readily accept and honor the heroes of Marine Corps past, not realizing that we too live in a time of heroic and almost mythical leadership. When we speak about Colonel Bryan P. McCoy the former commander of 7th Marine Regiment and Division head at United States Central Command, we're telling you the story of a living legend, though he wouldn't admit it. Of all the leaders we've had the pleasure of serving under, Colonel McCoy was one of our favorites.Colonel McCoy's story starts out as the commander of 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment. It was here that then Lt. Colonel McCoy demonstrated the ability to lead in the footsteps of Marine Corps greats. McCoy follows in the path of the great James Mattis in his regimented study of warfare. He quotes Sherman the most; "War is cruelty. There is no use in refining it. The crueler it is, the sooner it is over."Cruel indeed. McCoy was not the type to sit idly by while his Marines engaged the enemy. During the invasion of Iraq, Lance Corporal Garfield Shealy noticed a T-55 tank that could have made life shorter than expected for their Humvee. With his Marine, Lt. Colonel McCoy leaped out of the Humvee. It was aggressive, but poised, the way Marines are. Rushing headlong into the fray with no plan, except the plan to attack and win.


What's incredible about this action is that Lt. Colonels, well not a lot of people, in general, are rushing up to a tank armed with only M-16s. But McCoy did. His fearlessness and boldness spurred on his Marines.Lt. Colonel McCoy opened up the hatch of the T-55 and dropped a grenade inside then slamming it shut. After the round exploded, several Iraqi fighters climbed out of the tank and surrendered. How's that for a great leader?

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