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Be the Change You Wish to See: Exercise Your Vote

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Mammoth Sniper Challenge
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Community Support
October 23, 2019
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It is very obvious that in today's society, things are getting out of hand. Currently, news headlines talk about taking the feminine Venus symbol off of certain products, a father who is getting ruled against for not allowing his child's gender to be altered, cuss words becoming illegal in public reference, and so forth.I don't know about you, but this is getting really frustrating. It feels like EVERYTHING in our society is being consistently picked apart. The negative is winning. We are not allowed to be humans in a diverse world anymore. Instead, we are supposed to ridicule and double back on everything. EVERYTHING!Children cannot be children anymore. They have to choose their identities at birth or else! They have to make informed and educated choices as soon as they are born and heaven forbid they choose wrong! Damn them! How about just letting them be a child who gets to use their imagination and be whateverthefucktheywant. Dinosaur! Baker! Nurse! Lawyer! Dinosaur again! STOP TAKING THEIR CHILDHOOD AWAY. (Okay, we will stop... John already wrote a full piece, here.)And now it seems everyone wants to have a period. Trust me homie, if you weren't biologically 'gifted' this shit, you don't want it! 99% of women would prefer to just not have a period and instead receive an email from some alternate source saying 'hey, you aren't pregnant again this month, k, thanks.' But noooooo.... having the name 'feminine' products is BAD! They're not just for women! OVER. IT. I try to be open and friendly to people of all lifestyles, but this is really just taking the cake.I have seen the arguments about how it doesn't affect me directly to have the feminine symbol removed and how if women want equality then they are finally getting it. I have also seen the argument that children are able to make decisions about their life if they are diagnosed with cancer or something and I still DISAGREE. We are taking things too far and while we should be somewhat tolerant and accepting, this is just too much.Where are lines? When does it stop? When do people have to become accountable for their decisions and understand that some decisions have natural consequences? When do some people get to learn that they are making this world we live in so "politically correct" that there is no "wrong"?! Books like '1984', 'The Giver', and 'Brave New World' were written about the exact kind of world we are attempting to create and they all end stating that attempting to create a utopian society actually creates total dystopia. Yet we continue.We continue to tear apart every detail of our society and attempt to make it "perfect" for everyone. In doing so, we are creating stronger divides and ripping apart relationships, friendships and the very foundation of what this country was founded on- freedom and acceptance.SO how do we change this? What do we do? For starters, voting. For the past few elections at every level- city, state, national- it has been shown that the winner of the election only won by a slim margin. The last Presidential election saw the highest amount of voter turnout in years at 54%. Fifty-Four-whole-percent. That is it. Can you imagine what would have happened if an additional 21% of the population voted? Do you think it would be the same?And while it may be obvious that we have a specific side in this article, regardless of YOUR personal beliefs, you can vote and make a voice for the changes YOU wish to see in our society. This includes judges who rule on the aforementioned court cases. Even if you agree with all of the above, you get a voice too.Use it. We can only hope you use said voice with common sense, making informed decisions versus what any subset of media tells you to- including us.

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