Bowe Bergdahl Back Pay
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Bowe Bergdahl's Back Pay

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
November 9, 2017
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We're not really fans of being cynics, but when shit like this happens, its hard to not be cynical. After the monumental miscarriage of justice regarding Bowe Bergdahl's prison sentence (well, lack thereof actually), now the Army is weighing whether or not he's eligible for three hundred thousand dollars in back pay. We're gonna bet that he doesn't have to pay a dime back. We're hoping that we're wrong. We really hope our feed is full of "I told you so" because we'd love the good news.

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The entire culture that is robbing Americans of their dreams, good people who work hard and try to make a way is that those who do wrong aren't punished for their misdeeds. Furthermore, it's not just the lack of punishment, but rather the appearance of reward. For people who've been held accountable for their entire lives, and have appreciated it because being held accountable is beneficial in life and in work, the appearance of no punishment for wrongdoing, while reaping the fruits of their wrongdoing.We're not suggesting that people shouldn't get paid for their work. It just seems odd that you'd pay someone for walking away from their job. Getting captured while performing your duties is one thing. Straight up walking off is another. It's already insulting that he won't spend a day in jail, but now we're going to give him a small fortune? Maybe we should all walk off and get a fat payday given the precedent it sets (we'd never do that, we have this cool thing called honor, fascinating how that works).

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If anyone involved in that decision should see this article (we think pretty highly of ourselves), think about what message you're sending. It's not a message of second chances if you award him that money, it's a message of "Do wrong, get rewarded." It fully drives the victim mentality that has corrupted the American Dream today. Stop making stupid people famous. Stop praising cowards for cowardice. Just stop already.

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