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Breaking: Helmet Cam Footage Exonerates Gallagher

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 8, 2019
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Holy shit. Helmet cam footage has shown according to Representative Hunter, that Eddie Gallagher is not guilty of the charge of murder. This has been a huge story from the get go leaving everyone wondering what in the ever living shit has been going on. Accusations. Counter-accusations. They've all been flying back and forth leaving us wondering; WHAT IN THE DEMO DICK MARCINKO & ROY BOEHM GODS OF SEAL WARFARE IS GOING ON?But luckily, helmet cam footage has shown that Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher is not guilty of murdering an ISIS POW. In fact, the helmet cam shows quite the opposite, that Eddie tried to provide emergency services to the injured fighter. The footage obtained by Gallagher's defense team and viewed by both the defense team and Representative Duncan Hunter clearly show that Eddie is not guilty.How this will shake up the SEAL community, we honestly have no idea. As we wait for the footage to become public if it ever will, what will happen to those members of the community that so adamantly swore up and down that he was guilty of such a travesty?By the time you're reading this Congress has been shown the video and again according to Hunter, the video definitively shows that Eddie Gallagher is not guilty of the charge of murder regarding the ISIS prisoner that died during SEAL Team 7s deployment to Mosul in 2017.Why the lies? Why? One of the accusations leveled at Gallagher's subordinates was that of cowardice under fire, not soon after the accusations of murder floated to the top.As warriors, we have one job and one job only, as we've stated a million times before, win. We don't need petty squabbles hindering our ability to make war. The video evidence is supposedly vividly clear and paints a verdict of not guilty squarely on the back of Eddie Gallagher.We've known for decades that armchair quarterbacking the actions of troops in contact can be a shameful process...this incidence just adds more credibility to that idea. Let the warfighters fight.

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