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Bump Stocks Banned

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
December 18, 2018
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Bump stocks are officially banned and we have a few, well...good luck f***ing finding them. Or have people turn them in. Or do anything aside from stores no longer carrying them. That's not to say that this is sort of laughable and sad on a few different levels.To be able to employ a bump stock effectively, one needs tons of training on it. That means tons of ammo, which is expensive. Bump stocks, while they can be used to great effect by a few personnel, are largely a novelty item. Congratulations government, you banned an accessory that is almost exclusively used as a joke.Now, we'd like to say that stating that fact doesn't take away from the fact that this law is, in fact, unconstitutional and dumb aaaaaaand ridiculous aaaaaaaaand preposterous (the long "aaaaa" was on purpose).Will the average owner of a bump stock be able to effectively employ it as a legitimate "automatic" weapons platform? No. They'll use it as a gag at the range for when they just want to spray rounds at the target. Most of the time again, they won't even do that.Congratulations to banning the bump stock U.S. government, you've violated the constitution and made a laughing stock out of yourselves to anyone serious in the firearms industry with the language meant to intimidate and scare U.S. voters.Seriously though, just like the magazine ban in New Jersey, how are you going to enforce this? The item is unregistered and recovering all of them will be a literal nightmare for anyone tasked with doing so if they even choose to enforce this bullshit law.We cannot emphasize enough how laughable and insulting this move is to those who recognize the importance resisting any law restricting the 2nd amendment...(hell yes we want a machine gun, got a great vantage point from my bedroom window to put a 240. Gotta protect the hood, know what I'm saying?) Good luck being taken seriously when it comes to firearms anytime they even were in the first place. Sucks to suck gun grabbers.

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