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Bumpstock Ban Defeated by New Product

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
January 17, 2019
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Well folks, despite the fad of bumpstocks and the ridiculousness of banning them and then the number of boating accidents where they were lost after said ban, it looks like the ingenuity of engineers in the United States will actually prevail. The new product called "Not-A-Bumpstock" definitively defeats the bumpstock ban by merely not being a bumpstock.It's a one piece stock and grip with a surprise mystery part, specifically engineered to shoot faster while again (and we can't stress this enough) not being a bumpstock because as the name states clear as day it is the "Not-A-Bumpstock" by Lord Rockwell Fine Arms. It is not a bumpstock and you will save tons of money on "boating accidents" and other unfortunate instances where pieces of your firearm are lost forever to the grimy depths of Davy Jones' Middle School Locker (lake/river) or Davy Jones' locker (oceans).For people that want to shoot fast, who think bumpstocks are silly or have already had an unfortunate boating accident, have no fear. Despite the extremely restrictive legislation banning bumpstocks, the "Not-A-Bumpstock" identifies clearly as "Not-A-Bumpstock" allowing you the ability to shoot at a rapid pace till you're blue in the face and the air smells of propellant!For professionals, and plinkers alike!All kidding aside this just goes to show that every single time someone creates ridiculous legislation aimed at reducing our ability to exercise our Second Amendment rights, granted to us by our creator, naturally and merely ensured and guaranteed by the government, there will be a way around it. There will be a way to circumvent the wording of many such laws because quite frankly, we're pretty sure nobody writing these laws knows the difference between a firearm and a rubber band gun...And if we can find ways to circumvent the laws legally, we're betting people can find ways to circumvent the laws illegally because you know, they don't care about laws, to begin with.

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