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CA Judge Rules Against 2nd Amendment

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July 30, 2019
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Honestly, who's surprised? If you raise your hand, you obviously haven't been paying attention to California for the last 30 years. That state neuters the rights of it's people left and right, and this move is a surprise? Get real.Also, not super worried about it, because, we're pretty sure the Supreme Court will hear the case and it'll get overturned, just like D.C. Vs Heller on handguns.People are tripping out over this announcement like they didn't already know California was an anti-gun state. With zero concealed carry reciprocity between other states and only 121k permits issued in a state of 39.6 million...please once again tell us how shocking or unbelievable this news is. They barely trust Californians to carry a handgun and you think they're going to be "totes cool" with your AR platform? Think again muthasucka.There is a silver lining though and we already mentioned it. This will probably go to the Supreme Court and given the courts makeup, we're betting this law gets smacked down and California gets put in their place regarding 2nd Amendment rights.

Honestly, we can barely think of anything else to say regarding the topic, it's comical that anyone is shocked by this development, but in case you missed out on other breaking news we've got some headlines for you.

Scientists find that water is wet.Researchers conclude we live on a planet.The sun is hot.The wind is moving air.If you drank all the water in the world, you'd die. If it exists, there is porn for it.

See ladies and gentlemen, we weren't surprised, because again and we hate to be a broken record about this...it's California. Take for instance another state that we poke fun of mercilessly, Florida. Is anyone surprised when some methed out redneck tries to fight a gator? No, because that's what Florida Man does. Don't be surprised when California Man does anything anti-2nd Amendment, be mad all day, that's cool, just don't be surprised like it came from outta nowhere!

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