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Can We Stop Being Shocked?

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Community Support
November 21, 2018
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...When people do stupid things? This guy who tried to go and be a missionary to the people on North Sentinel Island... his heart was in the right place we get it. But if the Indian Navy doesn't get to go there and they are armed with ships with big guns and you're a guy all by yourself...maybe rethink your probability for success. I for one am not shocked. Dude went to a known hostile tribe that has been known to kill outsiders and you did so by himself. Now people are shocked he's dead. I'm not.I am not at all shocked that they killed him. Just like I wasn't shocked when the intrepid cyclists got smoke checked by ISIS on the bike tour through territory either controlled by ISIS or frequently targeted by ISIS.Am I and the rest of us here saddened that these people lost their lives? Yeah. Totally, we are, but most of us who've spent a little bit of time downrange are not surprised that when people with idealistic worldviews go to areas that are not as...civilized as the United States and end up getting into trouble way over their heads. We're not fear mongers here, but we know that not everywhere values human life the same way.Americans think of killing as something savage and grotesque. It's ingrained into our culture, such is the social stigma (at least in the modern times). Other places in the world the people would just as soon kill you, take all of your shit and leave your body for the buzzards as you would make pancakes on a Tuesday morning. It isn't special or a big deal to kill you, it's just life.So please, on behalf of all rational people, stop emboldening these idealists to travel to places of the world where they will most certainly die and then act shocked when they do. It's stupid.

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