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Cancel Culture: A Soldier's Battle

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March 10, 2021
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Cancel culture: A former Soldier's battle By George Kemper All thoughts and opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publication. We are committed to giving Veterans the opportunity to be heard. Also, to further topical discussion about many issues, such as cancel culture. Loyola Academy prides itself for being a college preparatory school that forms, “women and men for meaningful lives of leadership and service.”At least that is what their mission states.I applied for, and was offered a job to coach within the baseball program. However, the offer was later rescinded. This is due to the fact they did not feel comfortable hiring me based off of my political beliefs on social media. Which in my opinion, were not inflammatory nor where they grounds for the school's actions.As I understand, the reasoning was that certain political opinions that I voiced did not reflect well on Loyola Academy and what it stands for as an institution. As a Loyola Academy alumnus, I vividly remember being taught that Loyola is an institution meant to prepare its students to be leaders in the world who stand up for what they believe is right. I must have interpreted those teachings incorrectly.

Cancel Culture

What truly sparked my interest in their decision were the specific examples that they brought up. They mentioned that I have spoken out against the COIVD-19 guidelines. Yet, no one accused me of not following the guidelines. Does Loyola encourage its students to blindly follow orders without a second thought?Another point that was brought up was a post bringing to light historical facts. Specifically, that throughout history many individuals saw the warning signs and spoke up about it. They were subsequently called “troublemakers” and told to get back in line. Often times to disastrous consequences.

A call to lead

Like others who have served in the armed forces, I believe in the core values that America stands for; Because of this, Loyola’s policies deeply trouble me. During my time in the Army, I lived, trained, and deployed side-by-side with men and women of various backgrounds, most of us having very little in common. There was one thing in particular that bound us together: the love of our country and what it stands for. Regardless of political opinion, this is a country where we all are meant to put our differences aside. Furthermore, we must strive for the greater good. Even if it is something as vast as solving the national debt or as small as improving a high school baseball team’s record.If I had been given the opportunity to coach at Loyola, I would have done my best to help build a strong baseball program as well as strong future leaders. I thought it went without saying that as a coach, one would never bring up political beliefs. Not with my fellow coaches, players, or their parents. Additionally, I would always follow any and all safety guidelines that are required by both the school and state. I am saddened that I will not be able to coach this year at Loyola. I am even more saddened that they seem to discourage any opinion that questions the status quo.

Final thoughts

As any Loyola alumnus will tell you, there is a sense of fondness and nostalgia when seeing the maroon and gold that makes up Loyola’s flag. Unfortunately, this experience has made me doubt what Loyola Academy’s true colors are. As a third generation alumnus, I would have enjoyed working with the school and baseball program. I had hoped to send a fourth generation of my family to this academy. Instead, I am disappointed to see that it is no more than another institution that has caved to the “Cancel Culture” that is poisoning our country.*If you are interested in submitting an OpEd, email the editor at*

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