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U.S. Military Sales to Taiwan Anger China

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September 26, 2018
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China is angered by U.S. Military Sales to Taiwan. Our immediate response goes a little bit like this;

"Yeah well, we don't give a shit. what are you going to do, get bitch slapped by our Navy?"

Day in and day out we read reports of China doing this, and China harassing us here, and China cooperating with Russia and North Korea and providing arms to everyone that we hate. Yet we do it once to someone they don't like...(ok well twice South Korea counts we guess) and they are losing their Mao Zedong loving minds over it. Seriously Commies, you can't play the bad guy for the entire movie and then try to play the victim card in the last five minutes to gain the crowd's sympathy.China sits there like,

"How in the world can you support a regime that is rebellious to our tyranical human rights violating government?''

Meanwhile, we sit here saying,

"Just like this asshole, here Taiwan have some more F-16's!" 

Honestly, we try to only bring you guys the news that is absolutely relevant or somewhat funny, and the topic of China is just getting stupid old. They've done so much shady shit, that we almost feel disingenuous telling you guys about this because the news cycle is so saturated with China this and China that, but this...this is just downright ridiculous, especially given China's recent history. Mr. Don't Mind Us While We Totally Build Militarized Islands So We Can Launch an Assault on Taiwan is pissed that we're giving Taiwan the ability to put up somewhat of a fight till we get all of our forces there.[caption id="attachment_18739" align="alignnone" width="750"]

Republic of China (Taiwan) F-16 preparing to shoot the shit outta Commies[/caption]China, in case you haven't noticed, Chaos Actual doesn't give a shit and wouldn't make such a risk of war with you guys unless he knew, hands down without a shadow of a doubt either of the following;1. We'd wipe the floor with you despite what many people think.2. You ain't gonnnnnnnaaaaa doooooo shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

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