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China Unveils New Jet: A Competitor for U.S. Planes?

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Active Military
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June 6, 2018
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China's new jet, codenamed "Dark Sword" is a supposed new unmanned supersonic fighter aircraft. This development could challenge the current status quo of the United States air superiority. However, we're not super alarmed.The more advanced we become, the quicker advancements will come. In a little under 120 years, flight has gone from barely achievable to breaking performance records none thought humanly possible. We've pushed the envelope in several arenas and continue to do so, and that's across the globe. So is it any surprise that China has managed to get some newer technology? Not really.Our foes have always made it a point to show off their latest and greatest technology to try and force the United States into a bad spot. Just remember the F117 Nighthawk was in operational status for five years before the rest of the world found out about the stealth attack aircraft.

China's New Jet

We're not saying we already have an answer to this new piece of equipment out of China, we don't have those kinds of super cool, super secret sources. We're saying based off of the past actions of the United States military that if we have something that could already best the rest of the world with it's cutting edge tech, we probably won't hear about it for a long time. We'll leave the measuring contests to everyone playing catch up.In closing, by no means should we take this leap by China lightly, what with their weaponized lasers targeting our aircraft/pilots in Africa, but also remember, we didn't get the be the reigning superpower by being way behind the power curve on our technology. It is a striking development but by all means, the sky isn't falling and we've got faith in Lord of War Mattis (we changed his title, this sounds cooler) that whatever anyone else has, we've got something formidable to put up against it.

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