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Chinese Official Calls for Ramming U.S. Ships

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
December 11, 2018
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Called it. Just like anyone else who has been paying attention to China's actions over the last few years with regards to the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea. The President of the Institute of Marine Safety, Dai Xu stated this past weekend that if the United States sent a ship to conduct another freedom of navigation exercise, that China should send two ships. One to halt the ship, and another to ram it.There is no way that could end horribly wrong and totally launch everyone into World War 3...(note the sarcasm).We're assuming that he thinks that ramming to be a "less" aggressive alternative to just shooting at us, but given what happens when two hulking pieces of steel collide, we'd venture to say that it is just as aggressive if not more so. As for his title regarding Marine Safety, there isn't much out there that he could promote that is less safe.In addition to the ramming, Xu suggests that they also just annex Taiwan by force. Both of these options are in the words of Ice Man from Top Gun, "unsafe". And we all know how Ice Man feels about people that are unsafe.The economic repercussions that China would face (should they entertain either venture) would probably spell their dooms just as fast as their ships sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The tunnel vision they have for exerting control over this tiny slice of water and terra firma have long since been the thorn in the side of U.S. diplomats.For whatever reason (we know it's economical, why else would they try to control the South China Sea) the hubris of senior officials in the Chinese military will almost certainly lead to their downfall.As much as we're instigating by conducting freedom of navigation exercises, the truth is that the Taiwan Strait is an international waterway and attempting to exert control over it is going to draw the ire of anyone who isn't you.But yeah, ram U.S. Navy warships, see how that plays out for you Dai Xu.

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