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Coming Home: U.S. Troops to Return from Syria

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
December 19, 2018
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In an announcement today, President Trump stated that all U.S. forces would be coming home from Syria as soon as effectively possible. While the United States has been engaging ISIS threats in Syria, the President has stated that he considers the war against ISIS to be won, declaring victory over the terror group.We are both excited and skeptical of this move. We know that all it takes for a terror group to take hold and replenish their numbers, and spread their ideology is a few "true believers" to pass on their extremist views and encourage attacks. We are excited because hopefully many troops who have been shouldering the weight of deployment after deployment after deployment, will finally get much needed rest.This move will either be proven brilliant in time, or it will be proven short-sighted, again, as we sit now, only time will tell.It is unclear as to when exactly the troops will be arriving home and giving any of that information away would be a major violation of OPSEC (which is still a thing, despite the internet. Loose lips sink ships or get aircraft bombed etc...don't be one of those people telling everyone when their loved one is coming home).Either way, whichever side you choose to take on this, there are obviously pros and cons that can be discussed at length, but we are choosing to be happy for the men and women of our armed forces. For the last 18 years they have been fighting the Global War on Terror and now they get a reprieve from one of the many places where a stalemate has been forced.Given the world conditions and the possibility of a global conflict, we're skeptical that this move is merely for us to gather our strength before we are to be truthfully engaged with a new near peer level adversary such as China or even Russia.

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