Court Overturns Marine's Conviction
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Court Overturns Marine's Conviction

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
November 9, 2017
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Given the Bergdahl garbage lately, we've been due for some good news. Today a military appeals court overturned the conviction of Joseph Chamblin, a former staff sergeant, demoted to sergeant. The reason for the change, Commandant General James Amos' interference in the case.Look, before we ruffle any feathers, we're not saying we condone the actions of Chamblin and his Marines. We're saying, the punishment handed out to them, versus the punishment for Bowe Bergdahl, is...out of proportion. These men who got a little bit carried away doing their job (not walking off on their own, causing other deaths) received harsher punishment than a man coward whose actions had a direct link to the deaths of several other service members.Marine attorney, Major James Weirick asserted that General Amos, serving as the Commandant of the Marine Corps at the time, tried to use his power and influence to ensure the harshest of punishments for the Marines. At the time, Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser was quoted in an affidavit that General Amos told him the Marines involved should be "crushed" and drummed out of the Marine Corps.In addition to this, General Amos asked Lt. Gen Waldhauser he was going to recommend the Marines be tried under a general court-martial. When Waldhauser refused that notion, he was replaced because according to Amos he had "crossed the line" in the last conversation with the Commandant.Several other actions taken by Amos were seen as suspect including a traveling "Heritage Brief" that condemned the snipers while the trial was still ongoing. Despite being cleared by the DoD Inspector General of any wrongdoing, every Marine knows that Amos treated his Marines wrong. While the actions taken that fateful day, were not the best, they certainly deserved better from the justice system, the Marine Corps, and their Commandant.Justice is a tricky thing, in order that it be taken seriously it must always be executed with the utmost care and concern. Isn't that what we're all about, real justice?

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