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Dealing with Bullying

Community Support
Community Support
February 24, 2020
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Bullying. Wow. So the internet, predictably, has blown up over this Quaden Bayles story. Rumors of it being a cash scam and him being 18 have surfaced, as have adamant defenders of the legitimacy of the post. Numerous news articles have already been written with multiple hot takes, but we're going to take a moment and not address all the dramatic shit that has been making headlines. Nope. We're going to go in a different direction. First though, we...well I want to add a disclaimer. I am not a parent. I've never been a parent. I hope one day to be a parent and hopefully make good choices as a parent, after all, they're all just doing the best they can...some more than others. NOW...that being said.I would not be posting my child's worst, painful, vulnerable and heartbreaking moment in life on the internet for all to see for eternity. Maybe I'm a prude in the realm of parenting and I don't know fuck all because, well I'm not a parent. But part of me, no matter how frustrated I may get with the world and the bullshit that constantly populates it, would never in a million years think to pop out my camera while my son/daughter was going through such emotional turmoil. I'm just not going to play that shit."John, you don't know, you don't have kids, this lady may have been at her wit's end," yeah maybe. Maybe I'm super wrong and should get crucified in the court of public opinion, but I'm gonna die on the following hill. If my son/daughter was/is a victim of bullying to that extent, that he was having serious suicidal ideation and wishes, I'm going to be hugging my son/daughter and speaking some truth to power into their lives. I'm going to be teaching them how to fight back. I'm going to be loving on them so that they understand that their life is worth living. Yeah, that's all speculation, but I feel it's reasonable and it's my article so...I can speculate on how I'd act all I want.I don't want to crucify this mom either, like...I don't think she was right to record him and do this. But (and it's a big but) as I stated in the opening paragraph, parents the world over are just doing the best they can with the skills and knowledge they have (for the most part, I know there are legit shitty parents out there doing jack shit all and what-not). I'm certain that on some level, she was doing what she thought was right.Bullying sucks. Straight up we can all agree on that, and kids can be super cruel, they don't understand that there are just some things you just don't say. It should stop, but I highly doubt a video of a kid on the worst day of his life, is going to suddenly make the bully stop. In fact, I think it's only going to encourage it.In closing, all the controversy over real or fake aside, can we just agree to not video our kids on the worst day of their lives and put them and their problems on blast for the internet and world to see and have access to for eternity? Is that really an irrational request?

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