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Didn't Know: We Weren't Supposed to Kill Bad Guys

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
December 17, 2018
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I'm sorry but I'm really at a loss here. We kill bad guys...or did I miss something? Major Mathew Golsteyn did what I'm assuming any of us who signed on the dotted line to fight for our country would have done. He killed a bombmaker. He killed a man that caused wanton death and destruction. Last time I checked, that was a good thing. Mathew didn't shy away from admitting it either. I'd be proud as hell to know I put an experienced bomb maker in the afterlife.The concern that many are stating is absurd. That's why there is such an us versus them mentality when to comes to the people who've been deploying like clockwork for the last almost 20 years. There could literally be someone in the service today, just shy of their 20 years who watched 9/11 happen, signed up, fought in the initial push in Afghanistan, invaded Iraq, and then spent the next 15 years deploying time and time and time again. I digress. How many times was there a guy that you knew was just pure evil but the evidence you had against him was "circumstantial" or it was a flip of a coin whether or not what he/she was doing would be considered a "hostile act or hostile intent"? I know for a fact there were a few times during my brief four-year stint in the Corps.So if there was definitely a time during my short time in where I could have seen the same circumstances ( which there was and I did respectively), then I'm going to be pretty sure that this shitbag got exactly what he deserved, shot.Bombmakers are not stupid. They know how to sanitize themselves and their workshops. To every tool we have to detect and be aware of things, they have a way of getting around it. There is no such thing as a "perfect defense" against everything. Also, make no mistake that these bombmakers for the Taliban are good at their jobs in all respects, they don't get caught often.At the end of the day, I'm pretty sure Major Golsteyn did exactly what his conscience directed him to act in what I would call a morally and ethically just manner.I wasn't aware that we weren't supposed to kill bad guys though. That's a new one to me.

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