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Don't Let Holiday Blues Exclude You

Community Support
Community Support
November 26, 2019
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The holidays are here and, holy shit, did they get here quickly this year. It's a known fact the time between November to January causes the most depression, and stress, in general. Some factors include family (or lack thereof) issues, work stress due to end of year time crunches, and general "seasonal affective disorder." (Read here to learn about SAD.) Basically, the holiday blues are a real thing, and we understand.In the general populace people who are veterans, military, first responders, law enforcement, and so forth, are seen as strong, highly functional human beings. We are seen as people who don't necessarily need help or require extra attention. And for the most part, maybe they aren't too far off. Most in the above category that we know, generally require less attention and care than our other friends, family, and acquaintances.But, our strength, can also be our weakness- particularly around this time of year. You see, without intention usually, we tend to be the "forgotten." We are so self-sustaining that when it comes time to actually interact with family and friends, we often get left out or begin to feel lonely because we don't require a lot of maintenance in people's lives.What point are we trying to make? Well, ultimately, force your strong, silent friends to hang out. They naturally seclude themselves and draw inward, so break them out. Not sure if you have someone to count on? We promise, you do. If you turn to social media, someone is offering their home up to anyone that needs it- take that opportunity, it's there for YOU.Don't let your depression, loneliness, or an introverted character, win. Return the phone call, text, Facebook message, and break out. This time of year bogs people down mentally and emotionally for many reasons. Don't succumb to the grief.We know hanging out with people can be exhausting sometimes and we aren't saying you have to attend every single party or invite. Just make sure you aren't wallowing in your own darkness for the holidays. We are stronger than that. YOU are stronger than that and people deserve your presence.So, as the holiday approaches and we know most have a lot to be thankful for... We want to wrap this up by saying we are thankful for you, our audience. We know you are made up of all the different factions in our community and we appreciate your presence.We hope you find some joy and Thanksgiving this week.

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