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Don’t Panic – What to Do if You Loose VA Your Benefits

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Community Support
March 1, 2024
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The system is getting better. That’s the first place to start in calming down and getting to work: acknowledging while there are still failings, the improvements in the VA system are not nothing. As with all large bureaucracies, however, things, and people, still fall through the cracks. One day you don’t receive your VA disability payment, or you receive a letter saying your benefits have been suspended… Now what? We spoke to the VA directly to find out.

I haven’t received my monthly benefit payment, what do I do first?

“Veterans who have not received their monthly benefit payment should contact [the] VA. Specific contact options can be found at”

Call them, email them, or use the online chat as soon as you can. Waiting to see if it will appear in your account could waste valuable time, especially if you rely on your benefit to cover housing or food costs.

Is there any avenue for an expedited review? 

“VA has special procedures to address a non-receipt of payment situation for Veterans or beneficiaries facing financial hardship. To inform VA of a missing or non-receipt of payment situation, Veterans should contact VA immediately.”

While it can take a call or two, the VA system is supposed to take care of the Veterans in their charge. If you are waiting for them to correct a mistake, they may be able to offer a stopgap measure in the meantime, but you must contact a VA representative to see what can be applied to your individual case.

Is it VA policy to cancel benefit payments without notice?

“In general, VA does not make adverse decisions on Veteran’s benefits without providing due process notification to the Veteran or beneficiary.”

More than likely, the letter or notification that there is an issue with your benefits will come before the benefits are stopped, so be sure your information is current in the VA system and take their communications seriously in order to catch any potential issues before the mortgage is due.

Is VA having any issues they are aware of with Navy Federal Credit Union accepting disability benefits? 

“There are currently no known issues with making payments to Navy Federal Credit Union or any other financial institution.”

This one tells us mainly that if you bank with Navy Federal Credit Union and your benefit is late or missing, it is best to go to the bank first, advice which applies to other banking institutions as well.


Is it possible VA or the credit union could put the money in the wrong account?

“VA disburses benefit payments to the bank account on file for the Veteran or beneficiary. VA cannot speak to financial institution procedures for crediting the proper bank account.” 

Once again, your information must be correct in the VA system, and make sure your bank is following proper procedures for deposits.


Can someone look into these cases in an expedited manner?

“Due to privacy laws, we are unable to speak directly to these cases, but VA takes reports of fraud and possible payment issues seriously and investigates such claims to ensure Veterans are receiving their earned benefits.”

Both for criminal and administrative issues regarding payments going missing, the VA will respond. Fraud in particular makes everyone look bad and wastes taxpayer money, so it will take time for the investigation to happen.

At the end of the day, always remember you are your own best advocate. VA personnel will do their best to aid you when problems arise, but only if you are vocal in your own support.

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