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EDC: Spartan Blades CQB Tool

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
June 3, 2020
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Every day carry (EDC) blades are a flash point among the profession at arms. Some people will ridicule them as a Walter Mitty fantasy. Others take the view that an edged weapon is pointless if you have a gun. I, however, am a big fan. I firmly believe that a knife is an excellent balance to a gun, especially if it is offset to your weak side. With that in mind, today we are taking a look at the Spartan Blades CQB tool.The Spartan Blades CQB tool is a no nonsense ringed dagger, developed alongside the Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP). It is a very simple design, streamlined for a single purpose. It was envisioned as a "get off me" device, if your other weapons were inaccessible during close quarters battle. More than once early in the GWOT, reports came in of bad guys getting the drop on our troops, jamming the pistol in the holster as they attempted to draw. The CQB tool is an answer to that. Rip it out of its sheath, commence to stabbing. As you create distance, draw your Glock and finish the job. Game over.The slim profile of the CQB tool was meant to fit behind a magazine pouch and attach to MOLLE webbing, but it also lends itself to an excellent concealed carry weapon (CCW) method. I prefer to carry mine horizontal on my weak side, with my belt, slid into 550 cord on the sheath lash points. This essentially becomes opposite-side appendix carry, and is still accessible with either hand.The ring on the CQB tool is excellent for retention, making this EDC knife very hard to lose. With just a little bit of practice, drawing via the ring is lightning quick. The depth that the CQB tool sits in the sheath means it isn't going to fall out inadvertently, no matter the activity you are doing.Just like guns, knives have to be practiced with. Especially deployment. A lot of things with a blade are instinctive, especially with a double edged design. But you still have to be able to whip it out. Spartan has that covered too, with an available aluminum trainer. The trainer is blue, as are all inert military weapons, and fits the sheath.Spartan blades has put out some incredible blades over the years, and the CQB tool is no exception. A lot of thought was put into the steel (154CM), blade hardness (57-59 HRC), and even the metal coating (PVD). This is a no fail cutter, built for a serious game. While most knife companies would take it seriously considering the client, Spartan had even more incentive. The company was founded by retired Special Forces soldiers, and is based right out of the back gate at Bragg. Every knife is crafted with the knowledge of what could go wrong if it fails.So if you live in a fixed-blade state, this is one I highly recommend for EDC. If you don't, it still has a place on your kit. Just don't buy one and handle it with white gloves. These blades were meant to be used.

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