Congresswoman Frederica Wilson
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Everything Wrong with Frederica Wilson and Her Attack on Trump

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
October 20, 2017
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Surely many have heard of the congresswoman from Florida calling out President Trump for his comments to the widow of the soldier killed in Niger. I watched the comments made by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, a former General in the United States Marine Corps, and a father to a fallen Marine. Our sentiments are his.While we fought, politicians squabbled for power. While we fought, you and your neighbor argued over something petty. While we fought, you enjoyed your Saturday morning. While we fought, you hugged your family. While we fought, you lashed out at someone you love.For the people in the field, those who throw their name in the hat to brave death and stare him in the face, we knew what we were doing. Certainly, a level of ignorance existed for those of us that had never before seen combat, but we still knew that we may not come back and it weighed heavily on our hearts. We still went. We knew and we went. That's why the men who didn't come back are heroes. Because they knowingly gave the ultimate and last full measure of devotion. They were not victims and they were not helpless, they were intelligent, honorable men who knew that the deeds might cost them their lives. We don't often take a hard-line stance on things, but in these regards, we'd like to say this to Representative Frederica Wilson: How dare you. How dare you seek to gain from the death of a hero! How dare you make a spectacle out of his death. You lack grace, empathy, and tact and we're absolutely disgusted with your actions. This is not the time for you to be politically grandstanding. How dare you smear this occasion with your political agenda. The fact that your name is even spoken in relation to his death is dishonorable.We don't know the contents of the conversation that was had between the widow and the president. We don't want to because it's not our business and it certainly wasn't yours.

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Sgt. La David Johnson. Your name should be heard, because you were a valiant and intelligent man. You did know what you were getting into and you braved it anyway. We hope stories are told of your heroism for generations highlighting your love for your brothers and your devotion to this great country. From this Marine, I wish you fair winds and following seas. Semper Fidelis and godspeed.

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