Fear and manipulation
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Fear and Manipulation

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Community Support
March 14, 2020
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Alright, let's talk, America. Let's, for once, stop with the tried and true talking points and get real. Regarding the fear and manipulation going on. In the name of honesty and full disclosure, I'm not an immunologist, I'm obviously not a doctor. I do however watch people and watch the news with a fair level of skepticism. That being said, without fear-mongering, without resorting to panicked fervor, let make a few key points.COVID-19 is serious.Serious issues do not get solved via panicFear and manipulation go hand in hand.COVID-19 is serious or else the CDC and WHO wouldn't be saying the things they're saying about it. You can read directly what the CDC thinks you should know, right here (click on the here). Ok, so it is serious. Is it as serious as the major media outlets are making it out to be? I'm 50/50 split on this. They see it as impending doom of all mankind and truthfully, while it may be the doom of many, we're highly doubtful this is an extinction-level event. Sorry for not buying into the hype. I'll prepare as I always do every week when I go grocery shopping, we always get enough stuff to last us for about two weeks. That means I'm not buying 160 rolls of toilet paper or 1800 gallons of hand sanitizer. True it's something we have the freedom to do. Fine, cool. But that seems to be more of a panicked behavior, no?Serious issues such as the one we are currently facing regarding the COVID-19 do not get solved via panic. Panic is the mortal enemy of logic. There is a reason people say situations "devolve into mob rule and chaos," because as silly as it is, Tommy Lee Jones was right when he told Will Smith's character in "Men in Black",

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."

When we think of someone who is panicked, do we picture someone rationally solving a problem or do we see a fearful meek individual? Obviously panicked people are fearful and the ugly second cousin to fear is manipulation. When you're afraid of this big bad boogeyman that you don't understand, it's easy for people with slightly more knowledge than you to take advantage of your ignorance. It's not necessarily your fault you're ignorant. One can't expect every person to be an expert in every single field, ranging from information security to economics to microbiology to underwater basket weaving. We're all going to have some subjects in which our well of knowledge is not that deep. When we find ourselves in a place where our well of knowledge is not that deep, it would serve us well to exercise extreme caution with the information we've been given, lest we become sheep lead to the slaughter.Now I don't want to get everyone hyped up but...think about how we're being manipulated right now, it may be totally innocent and for our own good, but...certain travel limitations have been imposed, large gatherings have been downplayed, there's been a run on supplies with tons of price gouging and citizen on citizen angst...We're being encouraged to become isolated and turn against each other...if I was trying to seize power...man I can't think of a better way to pave the way for it. But I could be wrong.Whatever happens, just remember, panic and fear are not the way to solve problems. Before you act, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you're truly helping or just contributing to the panic.

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