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Germany Wants Us

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Active Military
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July 12, 2018
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Funny how the world works. We're not necessarily mad at Germany for there desire to have us shut down our bases, we get it, on some level it may feel like an occupation force and a holdover from the Cold War and World War 2. Either way it goes, it seems Germany wants us out, to a degree.If we all look way back (say the way part really slowly like waaaaaaaaaay) to World War One and how the outcome of that war led to the beginning of World War Two, Germany has been getting the short end of the stick (not that they didn't earn it on some levels). Crash course on history.Franz Ferdinand gets smoke checked by Serbian Nationalists who want to join Yugoslavia. Odd thing, Ferdinand was actually kind of cool with the Serbians being more autonomous. They killed possibly their best advocate. Anyways, Austria-Hungary declared war on the Kingdom of Serbia after sending an ultimatum that Serbia couldn't possibly fully accept. Fast forward through years of bloody war, The Treaty of Versailles, prohibition, and the Great Depression. They got this guy in Germany Adolf Hitler. He got really pissed and got all Germany to get really pissed at the Treaty of Versailles. He was quite literally one of the biggest pieces of shit humanity has ever seen and a real McAsshole. He does some horrible, atrocious shit, we go to war with him and kick him in the avocados. Germany gets split with the allies controlling West Germany, and the Commies controlling East Germany. The United States set up bases to defend against Soviet aggression. Berlin Wall falls in November of 1989 and Germany is totally unified in October of 1990.All caught up now? Good.

Germany Wants

So Germany got all unified and the Soviet Union "fell" (or so we tell ourselves), and the United States kept its bases in Germany. With good reason. Since the 20th century, Russia has proven that they aren't to be trusted. So again, we kept the bases. Hooray for not taking shit from Russia!Now though, in a recent poll by YouGov, 42 percent of Germans polled wanted the United States Military out. While 37 percent of Germans think we're the bee's knees and want us to stay and a staggering 21 percent don't give a damn what we do.We can think of some pros and cons to each side, but we doubt our opinion matters much to Germany.

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