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Get Ready to Watch a Genocide

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September 3, 2019
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Get ready to watch a genocide on Facebook Live. Hong Kong has been overtly and deliberately defiant to the Communist state. I doubt this rebellion will go unchecked much longer.When people ask me why I have guns, I tell them flat out, it's to shoot tyrants. I don't hem and haw around what they are for. Countless times, a "superior" military force has been put in check by a populace that's even remotely armed. For starters, our founding fathers and the Continental Army. Next, up the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Russians (Al Qaeda vs U.S.), the Viet Cong in Vietnam, against the Americans, the Kurdish armed populace can mess a government up.Don't let anybody fool you by saying that the populace stands no chance against the United States military, we ran the numbers a while back and even with the variables slanted heavily in favor of the gun grabbers, it still looked like this, 8.8 million gun owner vs. 2.4 million gun grabbers.Hong Kong is starving for democracy. Starving for rights that we all know are inherent to mankind, not just our birthright as citizens of the United States. But...Hong Kong will not get democracy. Hong Kong will not get a Bill of Rights. Hong Kong will get genocided. I hope I'm wrong. I truly hope I do. But unless the people of Hong Kong stocked up on weapons before the turnover, the PLA (Chinese Army) is going to do their best to outdo the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and we're all going to watch it on Facebook Live.Our rights have never been threatened the way the rights in Hong Kong are being threatened. We've had a slow, glacial pace regarding the erosion of our rights. It's almost like people don't even know they are begging for their rights to be taken away here (cue emotional knee jerk reactions to gun violence or literally any other societal problem).Your right to bear arms is important, and in the coming weeks and months, you're about to see why when you watch a city get burnt to the ground for not respecting the authority of the Chinese Communist Regime.I hope I'm wrong. I truly do. I hope severely that one day someone will look at me in regards to this piece and say "Look at how wrong you were." Tragically, I don't think that will happen. Get ready to watch a genocide on Facebook Live.

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