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Good, Bad - I'm the Guy with the Gun

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Community Support
October 23, 2018
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Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun. When it all comes down to it...When the very last measure of civility has left our shores and the masses have fully given in to the throes of violence and mob justice only then will people across this land realize how true the title words, a quote from the cheesiest of cheesed out movies "Army of Darkness", will become. Morality will recede to second place in favor of the ultimate primal desire.Survival.Sure is a grim statement right? Maybe a little grossly overstated, and maybe a little...reactionary albeit, but the truth is we're already seeing an escalation of violence across this country as what was once hailed a melting pot of cultures is now becoming more and more loyal to the group think of tribalism. It doesn't seem to matter how moderate or extreme you are if you're labeled under one camp then you might as well just assume the title of extremist because the opposite tribe will certainly pay no heed to any such distinction.So at the end of the day who are you...seems like society doesn't really want to judge the person on the merits of their arguments, the content of their character, or why they believe what they believe. They'd rather just lazily identify you as someone they hate. So at that point does it really matter if you're a good guy? Does it matter if you're a bad guy? Truth be told if the devolution of society continues to the point where unwarranted sectarian violence goes unchecked you'd better just be the guy with the gun.We look forward to cooler heads prevailing and someone checking those who are the cause of many "No True Scotsman" fallacies being shouted across social media. But we prepare for that to not be the case.Given situations in Portland, Oregon where citizens were put in a defacto police state by protestors while police watched...we'd love to say that our mild concern is grossly blown out of proportion, but...unfortunately the prevailing evidence is that certain vocal and actionable minorities are emboldening people to act out with physical violence against anyone they disagree with. Sadly it's not fiction, it's reality.So in closing, we don't really care if you think we're good guys or bad guys, we're just the guys that will have the guns. Why? Because at the end of the day, we want to live to see another sunrise.

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