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Community Support
Community Support
December 12, 2017
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Why do you do the things you do? What motivates you to get up every morning? What is your why? If your answer is money, well ok, but you can't take it with you when you die.

what is your why

It's not that we hate money. It's certainly nice to have in the moment, but the question posed is deeper. The question of "why" begs that you take a deeper introspective look at yourself and into the reasons behind your drive. What is the purpose of your grind? Most people want to serve something greater than themselves if they really get down to it. Dan joined the Army because he didn't want to spend his life fulfilling someone else's dream. He wanted to serve something greater than himself. Getting out of the Army was an interesting transition. Dan figured out that he could preserve the mission he had in the Army as he built up this business. The answer to the "why" question was the same.

what is your why

There was a culture of pride and patriotism. There are many men and women who get up every day and their answer to the "why" question is so that others may sleep peacefully in their beds. This is the inspiration behind Grunt Style. There are great things about America, the examples we set and the freedoms we enjoy. We're important on a world stage, to quote the Navy's old slogan, we're a global force for good. Dan made it his mission to share that culture through the brand Grunt Style.

what is your why

This is our "why". We believe that having a love of country, taking care of your family and those to the left and the right of you is important. We want to share that culture with every home in America, setting all politics aside. That's our "why". What is your why?

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