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Grunt Style Professional: Vetrepeneur Tribe

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December 11, 2017
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CEO Daniel Alarik sits down with Andrew O'Brien from Vetpreneur Tribe for a lengthy question and answer segment and the heels of the Merica Bourbon launch. To introduce the segment Daniel talks about what he missed the most when he knew he'd be leaving the Army. The culture of the military, pride, and patriotism was at the forefront of his mind.

Vetpreneur Tribe

One of the first questions that were asked was "How did what you learned in the military, how did you implement that into your business?" The short answer, everything that you learn in the military is a tool that goes into your tool belt. The idea is that the military is a great place to acquire a lot of skills, many of which you won't need all the time. It is the same for business. You don't need all of the tools at once. Sometimes you'll need your rifle, sometimes you'll need your first aid kit. In addition to that, having a focused target. The more experiences you have, the more equipped you with more tools for your belt. Work ethic, and staying on a singular, focused mission is extremely important.

Vetpreneur Tribe

Another great point that was brought up regarding leadership was "I don't have to be the smartest or most capable person in the room, I just have to make sure he's on my side of the table." The world is full of talented people. Good leaders know how to build and manage a team of people with individual specialties in a wide variety of fields. Another point dealing with leadership is motivating the employees that get "it". Not every single employee has bought into the idea, some are just trying to skim under the radar and not get fired that day.

Vetpreneur Tribe

While it'd be nice to change their mindset, its a toss up. We can, however, motivate the employees who are either already rockstars or are rockstars that haven't figured it out yet. Catch all of this and more on this Vetpreneur Tribe Q&A with Grunt Style CEO Daniel Alarik.

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