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Gun Time = Fun Time (Laws & Acts)

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
September 19, 2019
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This is by no means going to go in-depth on every single act. Honestly, I don't have the time or energy to unravel every single bit of legalese in these acts. hell, we might even get some of this shit completely and totally wrong. This piece should serve as a foundation, a foundation where you realize that gun owners have been compromising for the better part of 85 years. EIGHTY-FIVE YEARS! The gun community has had discussions, has compromised many times. More often than not when there is a "compromise", gun owners lose. It's not both sides getting less of what they want, it's one side getting a little of what they want and the other side getting nothing. Every. Single. Time. Gun grabbers get something and gun owners get hoodwinked, tricked, mislead, swindled, deceived, duped, defrauded, might we even say BAMBOOZLED. National Firearms Act: Enacted in 1934, the National Firearms Act imposed excise taxes on the production, sale, and transfer of certain types of firearms to include an actual machine gun (not what you're told is a machine gun by the media), short-barreled rifles, short-barrelled shotguns, and suppressors. Along with the tax comes registration, because Uncle Sam has to know about you drillin' that third hole. For your safety of course.The Federal Firearms Act:Enacted in 1938, the Federal Firearms Act, ahh the good ol' start of the Federal Firearms License (FFL) and keeping records of customers. It also prohibited the sale or transfer of firearms to certain classes of people (felons and other prohibited purchasers)... No infringements here (obvious sarcasm is obvious). While it was repealed by the Gun Control Act of 1968, many parts of it were integrated into that act. So it never really left. The Gun Control Act:Enacted in 1968, the Gun Control Act imposed further regulatory measures on firearms while updating the NFA and repealing the FFA, but keeping many parts of the FFA, because fuck it why not? It's not like we don't have enough acronyms to get confused by. Anyways, the Gun Control Act started the prohibitory measures of importing firearms "with no sporting purpose", it also established the minimum ages for purchasing a firearm, ensured that all firearms import or domestic had serial numbers as well as expanding the list of prohibited persons.

THE FIREARMS OWNERS’ PROTECTION ACT:Enacted in 1986, this shit is actually like...kinda nice. Not super nice as in repealing all that previous shit, but nice enough in the sense that it liberalized (not what you think it means) a lot of the rules and regulations put forth by previous acts. For instance, firearms dealers with an FFL can conduct sales off of the property listed on their license..within the same state. It also limited the number of searches the ATF could do of the licensed property without a warrant. It also prevented the feds from maintaining a central database of dealers records and deregulated to a point what constituted "engaging in the business" of selling yeet cannons. Basically, this one was like...kinda sort of a win for the pro-2nd Amendment crowd...sort of, because again, it didn't fully repeal everything. Which is bullshit.

THE BRADY ACT:Fuk. What a gargantuan waste of fucking space this thing is. Enacted in 1993, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act instituted a five day waiting period so that law enforcement could review the background of homeboy wanting to get a handgun before the dealer could take ol' dudes cash money for said handgun. Booo. Luckily, it's been replaced with an instant check system, still dumb, but better than waiting 5 days. And people with FFLs or something like a Concealed Carry License, are exempt from this garbage. But those tools included shotguns and rifles in 1998. Dumb. Also, this is where the NICS system was created/formed/implemented/whatever...verbs are hard, fuk off.

THE FEDERAL ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN:This one, well this one makes us chuckle and cringe at the same time. Why? Because it was an abject failure. Enacted in 1994, it prohibited, AR-style and AK-style rifles giving them the misnomer of Assault Weapon. It also prohibited magazines larger than 10 rounds. Why? We don't know, it seems rather arbitrary doesn't it? Like there is no rhyme or reason except emotional pandering. However, and we want to get this right, it did only prohibit transfer and possession of AR/AK style weapons and "large" capacity feeding devices produced after the date of the ban’s enactment. The best thing about this bill is the sunset provision that allowed this dumb shit to expire in 2004.

THE PROTECTION OF LAWFUL COMMERCE IN ARMS ACT AND CHILD SAFETY LOCK ACT:Enacted in 2005, firearms manufacturers gained immunity from most tort liability. Dope. Although there are some provisions, but they are lengthy and we're getting tired of writing this piece. The second part, the Child Safety Lock act...Nobody can import or sell a handgun unless they provide the person receiving said firearm with either a secure storage device or a lock/safety device. Look, it's a nice sentiment, but having purchased several handguns since 2005, those locks and/or safety devices are pretty easy to get around. It's basically a self-licking icecream cone "LoOk aT wHaT wE dId." When in really didn't do much.

NATIONAL INSTANT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT AMENDMENTS ACT:Ahh, what a wonderful piece of garbage legislation. Don't let the name fool you. It really is garbage and we can easily see through its legislative doublespeak. Basically it provided federal cash money to states for including more information on people that "may" be prohibited also "changed the standard for persons deemed to be “adjudicated as a mental defective”, which to us seems like a step away from the feds being able to label whoever they want as adjudicated mentally defective. Which is pretty fucking big bullshit to us.

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