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Guns in Europe

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January 7, 2019
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Gasp! Who would have ever thought such a thing possible?! Gun ownership is on the rise in Europe because of terrorist attacks where citizens were largely unarmed and defenseless. No way! By now you should know about our particular brand of sarcasm and fully understand that we're totally on board with the quickly rising trend of gun ownership across the Atlantic.The laws for owning and possessing firearms in Europe are ridiculously strict. So strict that it's rare to see someone who is allowed to carry their firearm outside of a shooting range. However...The numbers for gun owners are increasing. People are tired of being helpless, they are tired of being taken advantage of by criminals. People in Europe are starting to find that while gun control seems like a good idea at the time, it really sucks ass in the long term. In fact, gun control just sucks ass in general.From Paris to Berlin the numbers of people applying for firearm permits are on an almost exponential rise. This is a great victory for gun owners who carry for the purpose of self-defense. While it's not perfect yet, it's showing legislators here that eventually people will come back to the idea of being armed for their own personal safety and defense.Is it a win? No. Is it going to be a win? Hopefully.The truth of the matter is, as we all know, and have known for quite some time, gun control won't solve the issue. It'll just be a really shitty band-aid for a while before citizens get pissed off at being targets. They'll start to arm themselves, either legally or illegally. Hopefully, our lawmakers here take note and recognize the non-solution of gun control for what it is. A gigantic heaping pile of shit that won't fix anything and will only get more people killed.

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