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Happy Birthday, Air Force!

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Active Military
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Veteran News
September 18, 2018
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September 18th, 1947, we know you're the youngest of the branches and we give you guys a lot of shit because well, you're an easy target, but by God, we love you guys, so happy birthday Air Force. Since 1947 the Air Force has been the pre-eminent fighting force of the skies. In every conflict, we've been able to gain unparalleled success when it comes to controlling the skies, which in turn let us control the ground.As the youngest brother of all of the other branches, we know that sometimes you feel picked on or like you have to prove yourselves to the other branches. You don't, trust us. When we see F-15's or F-16's screaming across the sky asserting the dominance of the air that we've grown accustomed to, we're quite happy. When we see B-52, B-1, and B-2 bombers dropping bombs on terrorist strongholds, man it is a beautiful sight.Couple that with the close air support we get from your AC-130 gunships and the A-10 Warthog, we'll be downright honest. A lot of the angst directed at you all is due to the fact that our firepower is not as awesome as what an A-10, or AC-130...or even, any of those other aircraft can deliver. You can literally bomb someone back into the stone age. Happy birthday Air Force, you've certainly earned your kudos from the rest of us, even if we only admit it begrudgingly and where no one else can hear us say anything nice about it.

Happy Birthday Air Force

When push comes to shove, you're our brother, our brother that wears Abercrombie and Fitch to the field, but our brother none the less. Also, we've heard that your dog handler training is really good too, so yeah, you've got awesome planes that drop a shit ton of radical badass armament, and you've got really awesome dogs that keep us safe on the ground. Happy Birthday Air Force, this is the only time of year we're going to be nice to you...just kidding...but not really...P.S. the F-22 is pretty rad too.

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