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Have You Ever Been So Badass?

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
January 16, 2019
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Have you ever been so badass that you literally actually might kind of sort of be a living breathing real-life John motherf***in' Rambo? Chances are you haven't despite how drunk you get and how cool your story at a bonfire with all your buddies sounds. We all know there is a certain degree of horseshit in each war story, but hey, that's what spinning a yarn is about (keep in mind that's with all of your friends privately, not at the diner so you can get a free meal, asshole).That being said, there was an unnamed British Special Operations soldier who decided that in the wise words of Tom Petty "Waiting is the hardest part." When Al Shabaab militants detonated bombs and killed innocent bystanders at a hotel in Nairobi, Kenya this hitter went into the hotel with the Oprah mindset. What is the "Oprah mindset", you ask? It's the:"You get a bullet and you get a bullet and you get a bullet! All the bad guys get bullets!" After killing every Al-Shabaab militant he could find, he began a new mission! Taking care of the wounded. A solid guy this operator is. Just goes to show that violence of action by a trained (that being the key word here, TRAINED) badass can overcome many obstacles.There are reports that a U.S. Navy SEAL was also present, but unconfirmed at this time.This is also a lesson for any would-be wannabe terrorists. There may be a day when you and several of your shit head buddies decide to do something stupid and start doing jihadi shit. Just remember, dudes like this guy exist and they will come swiftly and violently for your dumbass.So after this story, we'd like to ask you the question again;"Have you ever been so badass?"

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