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Heavy is the Head

Community Support
Community Support
November 5, 2018
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Heavy is the head that wears the crown of military and economic superiority.I'm not even mad that America gets so much hate from people. Whether in our borders or outside of our borders, it doesn't matter. Why? Because to be hated the world over like we are, it means we're capable of shit that nobody else is. Do we have our issues? Of course? Who doesn't? Shit man, even the Brady Bunch had problems, but we watched it anyway and loved it because Marcia was hot and so was Mrs. Brady. Damn Florence Henderson was fine.Sorry, we got sidetracked thinking about Florence (picture for your time).

Heavy is the Head

Look, this is just how the world is. Sometimes things in the world go to shit. Then people panic and clamor for the United States to do something about it. So we do. But it's never enough or we didn't do it the right way or we were too slow to react, but the last time we were quick to react we got called reckless. The people of the world definitely aren't Florence Henderson who was just proud of us for trying and putting ourselves out there.Nobody is ever satisfied with how we operate, yet they continually call on us for help and as long as we keep that crown, they will continue to call on us.People getting genocided half a world away? Call the United States of America.Flood ravages the Philippines? Call the United States of America.I'm not going to sit here and say that we always make the right call, but we're a mere two hundred and forty-two years old and some change. Where the hell is Britain? Where the hell is France? Where the hell is China? Haven't all of these countries been around way longer? What the hell is there excuse? Been around a few hundred more years...yet who do they call? The United States. That's who.Keep hating everyone, because that level of hate only proves one thing. We're still better and more capable than everyone else. Heavy is the head that wears this crown, but we'll take it because carrying heavy shit only makes you stronger.Wow...that was really motivating and propaganda-esque...sorry about that.Look, all we're trying to say is everyone bitches about how we do shit, but nobody else is doing what we do. Nobody...cause they suck and we heard that they don't like Mrs. Brady.

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