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Highly Outnumbered, Still Kicked Ass

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
August 15, 2018
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It's always nice when you have fewer men inflict greater casualties when you're highly outnumbered. Not only does it a have a very real and present physical effect, but the mental aspect plays a pivotal role as well. Nothing demoralizes the enemy or inspires your troops like being able to take out a superior force. Some of these may not technically be victories, but...we're utilizing a little bit of literary license to label them as we see fit in the eyes of a warfighter. If we kill more bad guys than they kill of us, when there are fewer of us, we won at something.So sit back and enjoy as we recount a few battles where a few of us, kicked the shit out of a lot of them.Battle of MonmouthWhile technically a draw, the United States, with a force of roughly 11,000 were able to inflict double the KIA on the British (according to many reports), who numbered somewhere around 14,000 to 15,000. The British were still able to get their supplies to New York, but they were unable to take the field and they suffered heavy losses fo accomplish their goal. We'll count it as a small victory. Battle of Chosen ReservoirIt was a target rich environment in which the United States during a tactical retreat, poured fire into the Chinese. While the Chinese regained the ground, they were absolutely demolished by the U.S. Forces, almost 20,000 killed in action compared to the United States losing a little over 1,000 in the battle. Technically, it was a loss, but when you inflict such heavy casualties on the enemy, we don't count it as such.

Highly Outnumbered

Battle of Belleau WoodAgainst the Germans 5 Divisions, we sent 2 Army divisions and a few rough and tumble Marines. Casualty numbers on the German side are unknown, but this was most certainly a decisive victory in which the Marine Corps was made famous.Battle of PlattsburghDuring the War of 1812, outnumbered 9,000 to 6,300 and some change, the Americans inflicted severe losses on the British and forced them back to Canada. Sucks to suck yo. Had to teach those redcoats their lesson twice.

Highly Outnumbered

Certainly, there are tons more battles where the odds were against us, but we kicked sack anyways. Tell us your favorites here or on Facebook!

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