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Holy Shit, Are We Doing Something Right?

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
April 16, 2019
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Color us surprised and quite honestly, skeptical as all hell. When we first learned that the Pentagon was formulating a plan to curb Russian, Chinese and Cuban influence in Venezuela, we thought "Oh great here comes another 20 year war where we can't remove our heads from our asses long enough to realize that we've made a huge mistake until we've already screwed the pooch six ways to Sunday." Buuuut apparently according to reports from the Pentagon, the options are not kinetic...meaning we're not going to use actual force, just know, shows of force. Maybe some naval exercises or something all high speed like that.

The plans aren't out yet, but National Security Advisor John Bolton told Secretary of Defense Shanahan to develop ideas on ways we would curb the influence of hostile nations in Venezuela without going all "shock and awe". You may think us naive if we're to believe that it will actually turn out that way, with no actual force being used, no troops being committed. Well good news, we don't actually believe it will turn out that way. We're extremely extremely extremely skeptical that this cool new idea of using our brains will actually take hold...but we're hopeful.

Even if that hope is about as long lasting and eternal as Dickon Tarly (GOT fans will understand this reference...he totes f***in died, like he died so f***in hard).

We literally have no idea what these "ideas to curb the influence of Russia, China and Cuba" will be...but we're betting it turns into kinetic action...anyone want to bet that it doesn't turn kinetic?

Hints that the actions could turn kinetic aren't being downplayed either, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated his former statement about Venezuela that "All options are on the table."

While scrolling through Facebook this morning, we saw a nugget of wisdom that sums this entire situation up well.

"The only thing we've learned from history is that we haven't learned from history."

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