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Home Defense: Cat 11,499

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Community Support
May 8, 2017
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What’s the best animal for home defense? Most people will rattle off a list of big, menacing looking dogs like; a German Shepard, Rottweiler, Pit Bull or a Bull Mastiff. All are very intimidating for sure and were they to come around the corner, in the dark, any prowler would rightly be terrified. Job well done, big dog. But, consider if you will, getting a cat in addition to the dog for home defense. An ornery cat, one with claws and attitude will take care of it all.Granted, little Tabby may not look the part, but what they lack in intimidation they make up for with guile, cunning, and meanness. What a cat can add to the protection is a territorial instinct that will chase off other animals that the oafish dog may not see or consider worthy of a chase. Case in point;Fox Hunter level: ExpertThere is a family of foxes on my property and if you’ve ever heard a fox’s call, it is horrendous and terrifying. It sounds like an injured animal is dying and unmistakable once you know what it is. Check it out.Not too long ago I was sitting on my front porch when I saw a fox running across the yard as if the devil was chasing him. A few seconds later I saw the family cat, Fatty, in hot pursuit. This was a shock to me; one seeing the fox in the daylight and two seeing the cat giving chase. The cat is large for a cat, but it was about the same size as the fox.

Both of them running at full speed the fox went across the street into the neighbor’s yard. Feeling some sense of victory the cat stopped at the end of the driveway, sat there and looked over at the fox in triumph. The threat having been neutralized, Fatty turned back towards the house and strutted back. Once he got near the garage, I saw a reddish-brown flash coming flying back behind the cat and the fox nipped him on the butt and never stopped. An attack like that can’t be tolerated and the cat took off after him in hot pursuit, around the back of the house.Since that exhibition, I haven’t heard or seen the fox. Mission accomplished cat; well done.Vermin destroyerIf left with the necessary tools, like claws, cats can keep the rodent population to a minimum. Summertime is their time to patrol. Two or three times a week there will be gifts on the front step in form of a decapitated chipmunk or remaining mouse guts. Somehow they know what not to eat, like the poop filled intestines. But they assume that a human wants to eat it I guess. Thanks, cat.A cat’s prowess as a hunter changes habits in its owners. It is prudent to check your boots before putting them on, lest there be a dead frog in there. True story.

What kind is Best?It doesn’t matter the breed of cat because it’s a cat. They all act the same and have giant attitudes. Get one from the pound, the local veterinarian or a farm. A farm cat would be best because they have already been honing those instincts to defend and kill, and a farm cat won’t want any attention or to be in the house. If you’re like me you don’t want the cats in the house, to begin with. It’s win-win.If the cat is doing its job then think of the savings on cat food. Minimal feedings at best because they will be full. Just put out a bowl of water and check your shoes.

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