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How Dumb Do You Have to Be to Mail Bombs?

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Community Support
October 26, 2018
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The more we read, the more we facepalm over this entire ordeal. Honestly, how dumb do you have to be to mail bombs to prominent politicians? Whatever side you are on, are just like...a huge gaping moron if you're mailing these so-called "bombs" to anyone. Especially if you're a dude with a criminal history of making terroristic threats...Don't you know you're high on the list of morons that they are going to check out first? Apparently not.What goes through your head?"I know I've made threats before, so after I mail these, I'm sure nobody will ever find out it's me or come asking me questions."Or the alternative of"Man, I really hope I get caught for making shitty ass bombs that look like they came from an Acme dynamite kit."This guy, Cesar Sayoc, Jr. of Florida (great showing Florida), is either going to be famous for being a moron who mailed bombs and didn't think he'd get caught, or he's going to be famous for being shitty at making bombs that could've been dismantled by an infant with a Fisher Price tool set. Either way, we wouldn't want to be famous for either of those two scenarios.That's what is so wonky about the whole ordeal. He was so blatantly shitty at bomb-making and so blatantly shitty at covering his tracks that it reeks of a setup. A setup by whom? We're not entirely sure and we don't have a guy in the Department of Justice or any of the other alphabet soup agencies involved in this case to point us in the right direction so we won't throw out wildly detailed conspiracy theories.Either way, let's all just be glad that this moron sucks at making things go boom and that he was caught. Not that anyone actually broke a sweat catching him with how abysmal the execution of his plan was. He is in custody at this time.

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