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How Many Drones Equal a Human Life?

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 24, 2019
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What? Drones? It sounds like a dumb question, but given the context we're about to give, it's a relevant question. Mike Pompeo said that our line in the sand would be if one single U.S. service member was killed by a hostile act from Iran. Alright. Fair enough. One service member dies and we go full Inigo Montoya on Iran,

"Hello, my name is the United States, you killed my servicemember, prepare to die."

What if they shoot down another drone? Or two more? Or five more? Or ten more?Normally we're pretty biased here and we're ok with that. We know what we believe and we're ok with where we stand. This...this is a puzzling issue though. If our line remains one U.S. service member, but we lose twenty damn drones, how are people going to react?We hope you didn't come here looking for answers to the question because honestly, we can't give you a number. We can't quantify how many drones will equal the loss of one human life. We know the drones are expensive, but they aren't exactly the type of force multiplier a human is. If you want to talk about multi-mission capable, adaptable warfighting systems, the human is a pretty good example. We can use computers to hack, we can use rifles to kill, we can drop bombs from altitude...we're extremely mission configurable. Drones, however, aren't as capable. They're not damn Autobots as much as we'd like them to be. So again...How many drones go down before we change our line in the sand?We know there are many that think;One Drone = One Person...launch the missiles. But as we've seen from our hacking response, through the lens of our policy right now, one drone does not equal one person. So again. How many drones equal a human life? How many will get shot down before we change our line in the sand to "Any military equipment" instead of one U.S. servicemember?When you figure out the number that will appease everyone, let us know.

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