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How Red Flag Laws Will Actually Be Used

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August 6, 2019
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Red Flag laws...they sounded good on the surface, and when I initially heard the idea, I was like "This is actually a great idea!" Why? Because I still had naive hope that the burden of proof would lie on the accuser, the one who said the gun owner was a threat to themselves or society. I laughed, and said, "Go ahead implement that shit and watch nobody be able to prove fuck all." Again because I thought due process would be respected. After reading about the case in Maryland where Gary J. Willis was became blatantly apparent that our rights would be cast aside for the common good...sounds like Communist propaganda to me, but ok.This is how it'll work, the Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO) gets served first, then the accused, after he has been basically robbed of his rights, has to prove his innocence rather than someone proving his guilt. Doesn't that seem a little backward?It is.Is everyone familiar with the term "SWATing"? If you're not, we can explain.

"the action or practice of making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address."

All Red Flag laws are, are versions of legalized SWATing. If you don't think this has ever happened, we'd like to present two cases for you. In 2015, Dallas Horton was framed by James Edward Holly, who was mad at Dallas for some unknown reason. During the raid, Horton shot Chief Louis Ross when the Washita County Sheriff department and Sentinel PD made entry into Dallas Horton's home, due to a prank phone call made by James Edward Holly.In 2017 Witchita, Kansas police killed Andrew Finch due to a call from Tyler Raj Barriss, over a $1.50 Call of Duty: WWII bet. A man had the police called on him, and was killed over someone being angry over a $1.50 bet.There have been several other incidents, but for time sake, you can look them up on your own.And you think Red Flag laws won't happen the same way?Red Flag Laws are state-sanctioned SWATing, with no legal recourse for the falsely accused. Let that sink in.If you say the wrong thing, boom ERPO. If mildly annoy someone in your day to day, boom ERPO. If someone has an issue with you at the grocery store, ERPO. If your child acts out at school, boom ERPO...are you getting the picture yet.Red Flag laws fit right into George Orwells 1984.

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