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How's That Gun Confiscation Going for You, New Zealand?

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Gear + Kits
July 2, 2019
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It's not working. Ahh, kneejerk emotional reaction legislation, man, how fooking cool is that folks? We all remember the mortifying attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand. Many of us saw the video. New Zealand's parliament decided right then and there:"Boy, we gotta do something, because all this other gun control shit we've tried didn't work. Let's do MOOOOAAAAR!"And so they did. They banned anything that looked like a military-style service weapon, you'll notice we're not calling them assault rifles, that is for a reason. Despite the addition of "assault rifle" to Merriam Webster Dictionary, we still think it's a dumb name and has only been put in place to pander to the elitists who are protected by guns and own guns but don't think us mere peasants should have them.Psst...maybe let the people be armed...but whatever.Anyways. Shits not working. (insert extremely sarcastic voice here) What? No way, you mean they're not giving up their guns! And police aren't raiding houses? CRAAAZZYYYY.New Zealand only has a population of roughly 4.794 million people. And roughly 1.2 million guns, with a national gun registry and yet...the government there is having a difficult time enforcing...well they're choosing not to go door to door it seems because well...rough guess here, people don't like armed people showing up demanding they give up their armaments. Weird right?Man pro-gun rights groups in New Zealand cite the unfair compensation they'll be given for their firearms...we believe that to be a dog and pony show, just delaying the gun-grabbing till they can get the law overturned. Even if it isn't though, it's funny that such a small country with so few guns relative to the United States is having a difficult time enforcing gun control measures...now take the United States, with a population of 327.2 million and 393 million firearms.El Oh El. Good luck trying to enforce that kind of wonky snakeshit here.

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