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Insult to Injury

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
January 10, 2019
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The government's message to the Coast Guard and their families couldn't be more reprehensible. While Senators, Representatives, etc... debate on policy and still get paid, men and women securing our shores are told to get a second job or have a garage sale. Well if that isn't the most horseshit thing we've seen all day, we don't know what will top it...bet it'll be something with Kanye...that's a safe bet, but... let us move on.As a veteran, I'm not super big into some of the...I guess what you'd call perks of being a veteran. When I say that, I mean the superficial things like a veteran discount at Taco Bell for my crunch wrap supreme at 3:00 a.m. I've been out for nearly 10 years and aside from keeping in reasonably good shape, I don't look like a veteran with my haircut or facial hair...or maybe I do (I don't know, what does a veteran look like exactly, see my point, anyways...) I don't ask for veteran or military discounts because hell so far, Uncle Sam has kept his contract with me.I ask no more and no less than what was in the contract when I signed. Whatever that may be. The same goes for these men and women now, continuing to protect our shores and do their duty.I'm not sitting here typing this up begging for the Coastguardsman and possible military members being affected by the shutdown to be given special treatment. Rather all we're sitting here saying is to give them what is contractually obligated. They are upholding their part of the contract, the government should uphold there side.Nobody is triggered or any of those mainline stupid phrases that people use when they're losing an argument. This is real, all jokes aside, how insulting is it for the US government to tell people they should have a garage sale to make ends meet because they can't get over their partisan politicking?We'd say pretty damn insulting. Stay strong Coasties, we know we give you a lot of shit, but this is bullshit and you shouldn't have to endure it.

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