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Community Support
October 17, 2019
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That Knob Creek's bi-annual machine gun shoot can be mistaken rungunstoHongKong for a war zone. Obviously, shame on ABC for trying to tout it as Turkish/Syrian/Kurdish war footage, but the fact that someone thought this is what a war zone looked like and it's just a bunch of dudes from America with their own private weapons, it brings a feeling of warmth and joy to our hearts.Where else in the world, could the citizenry make an organized gun range seem like a war zone? Not even Hong Kong, with all their protests, have made it look like a war zone. Everything they are doing there still looks like protests, and we wish them well rungunstoHongKong, but here, here in the United States of America, maybe the airing of that footage wasn't such a bad thing.Here's why. Every single limp-dicked gun-grabber saw what the citizenry was capable of. We the people, can make an organized gun range, look like a third world war zone. Let us reiterate that in case it didn't stick the first time.WE THE PEOPLE, CAN MAKE AN ORGANIZED GUN RANGE LOOK LIKE A THIRD WORLD WAR ZONE. (Video below from 2018)

Do you really want to come door to door in the close confines of neighborhoods across the United States and rungunstoHongKong demand that the people capable of the above, through use of force against them, give up their guns?Lol. No.If you think someone wants to personally take on that task, then you need to ask them who they're getting their hallucinogens from and is there enough to share. Just kidding, but really. Rewatch the footage from Knob Creek and ask yourself if you want to be rungunstoHongKong the guy or gal that pisses off that group of people to the point where they'd fight back.So all in all, thanks ABC for reminding everyone, that rungunstoHongKong gun confiscation here in the United States would go extremely poorly. Also, ABC who is owned by Disney, who bent the knee to China, thanks for showing everyone why we should run guns to Hong Kong.

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