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The European Gun Dilemma: A Unique Struggle

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Gear + Kits
May 20, 2019
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Man. I am glad I'm an American. Like, we have our own brand of shit to walk through, but these dudes over in Switzerland are watching the European Union go full potato on their gun rights. That shit show has got to suck like...massive ass, ass so big Thanos would have to snap three times to get rid of it or shrink it down to like...J-Lo size at least.Don't get me wrong, I still think our restrictions on guns are bogus as hell, and I was definitively proven wrong on Red Flag laws. Fuuuuuk boi was I wrong. I was like...see they'll follow due process and the burden of proof is on the prosecution, it'll be hell proving beyond a shadow of a doubt someone is a threat to themselves. I was thinking "Ha you guys played yourself, good luck provin' shit." I was thinking it'd be like one of those useless laws that nobody ever uses but would get anti-gunners to shut up for like five minutes before they found a new thing to bitch about. Apparently, I was capital W-R-O-N-G. Wrong. Damnit. But it's ok I can admit that and get on with my life.Getting back to the point at hand though...what this is really about is how a body of sovereign states can force a domestic policy on another sovereign state, a sovereign state mind you, who isn't even in that governing body of nations...sounds like bullshit right? That's because it is.That's right, Switzerland isn't in the EU, and for good reason too. The EU is just another level of bureaucratic bullshit that undermines the actions of sovereign nations and overregulates into oblivion. Switzerland knows this. The one thing Switzerland is in though is the Schengen open-border treaty. It's pretty self-explanatory, a Europe with no borders. Switzerland enjoys this treaty quite a bit and has gained from the enterprise and back and forth with neighboring countries. Whatever that was Switzerland's call (we're not huge fans of even that though, but they want to keep it).What isn't cool though is the rest of Europe ganging up on Switzerland and demanding tougher gun laws or they'll be booted out of the Schengen open-border treaty. Now I'm no European (because I'm not in the bathroom), but Switzerland has for a while, been like...our distant cousin who is kinda weird but likes some of the same shit we do. Like guns and what not. Germany, France, and Britain not so gun friendly cousins (Britain isn't even sure it's going to be in the EU either anymore, buncha Brexit back and forth bickering).Anyways, the voters in Switzerland voted to go ahead with new gun control measures, so it's a sad day for the bangsticks in Switzerland.What does this have to do with us though? Well, it's just a nice reminder that for all our shit, we've got it pretty nice and there isn't a group of nations that'll actually try to do shit about our gun ownership. I mean...unless they want to bleed a lot. MOLD ON LABRADORS!(some of you will get that joke, others will not)

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