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Just a Piece of Paper? Honoring the Constitution

Community Support
Community Support
July 29, 2019
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At the end of the day. The law is just a piece of paper. Evidenced again, that laws do very little to deter someone with egregious malicious intent by what happened in Northern California. Three lives were claimed yesterday as a result of the attack, including that of a six-year-old boy. Tragic and unfortunate to say the very least. Anytime those we'd consider being innocent in the grand scheme of things (we know you're going to be edgy and say "nobody is innocent maaaan, as you take another bong rip from your mom's basement), is injured or killed, it's easy to have a knee jerk reaction and say a bunch of stupid shit. Which most media outlets will do.Could more gun-owning people have made a difference yesterday? Well, depends, but it seems unlikely, despite how prudent we think it'd be if more people were armed most of the time. There was already a pretty hefty police presence and the dude had a semi-automatic rifle, and we don't think the third hole was drilled (plus it's an AK, not sure if the third hole gets drilled the same way for an AK) anyways, there isn't much our EDC pistol could have done about the shooter from more than 50 yards away. It's not impossible, but a 50 yard shot with a pistol in the midst of a crowd with the adrenaline dump...yo that's a difficult shot, not impossible, just improbable.That's not to say that we shouldn't all be armed, that's just saying in that particular circumstance, another skill would have been much more effective. First aid.Everyone wants to talk about how they're gonna be the baddest mista when the electric boogaloo kicks off. Great. Good. Wonderful. But yesterday is an important example for everyone to maybe get some rudimentary medical skills. Stop the bleeding, start the breathing, treat the wound, treat for shock? Some shit, right?Remember this always gents. Laws are just pieces of paper with words. Being armed and being trained in first aid is usually going to be what keep you and those around you from premature death. Don't rely on pieces of paper, rely on your tools and your training.

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